About String Fusion

String Fusion is composed of Dino Akira Decena (violinist & violist), Joseph Brian Cimafranca (violinist & violist), Rommel Camba (violinist, pianist, & music arranger) and Gerry Graham Gonzales (cellist).

They are classically trained musicians and together they perform as a string quartet, and occasionally as strings with piano.

The group’s repertoire ranges from classical pieces to contemporary songs. The music arrangements focus on harmony while showcasing the strengths, versatility, and individuality of each member.

Combining technique and passion, String Fusion artfully recreates the genre impressions and performs renditions that capture the essence of each song through classical and innovative techniques.

Ensemble: Piano Trio
Song: Shut Up and Dance

Ensemble: Piano Quartet
Song: So Close

Ensemble: String Quartet
Song: Bring Me to Life

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